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Making you go fast is what we do best!

Suzuki Hayabusa Competition Motor Services

Downs Engineering specializes in
  • motorcycle engine performance gains
  • car installations
  • horsepower increases
  • oil systems
  • exhaust systems
  • wiring harnesses
  • custom engine management maps
  • engines acquired and prepared for automotive use
  • competition engine building
  • competition cylinder heads
  • cylinder head porting and valve jobs
  • turbo-charged engines
  • engine dyno services
We provide engines from reliable legal sources. Each engine is thoroughly inspected. We do a leak down test, inspect rod bearing condition and make sure that all electrical components are correct for that year engine.
Hayabusa Motor Price List
Used Low Mileage Motor (under 2500 miles)

Good running condition, inspected by DE,

Sold as complete motor kit (not including shipping)

$3200.00 to $3800.00
Competition Wiring Harness (your wiring harness in exchange)
Memory Tachometer
ECM Hold Down Box and Band Clamp
Driveshaft Adapter kit with adapter, modified spacer & nut
Modify fuel rails for -6AN (exchange)
Competition Fuel Pressure Regulator
Compettion Fuel Pump
Competition Fuel Filter & -6 Fittings
Competition Oil Pan - Wet sump type and baffle/windage tray
Competition Dry Sump Pump with oil pan, oil tank, pump drive and belt, single scavenge type
Competition Dry Sump Pump with oil pan, oil tank, pump drive and belt, dual scavenge type
Dry Sump Oil Tank
Competition Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Competition Oil Cooler
Competition Oil Fittings 2 of (motor to cooler)
Competition Pistons 12.5 to 1, Yoshimura
Competition Pistons 12.3 to 1, JE w/ rings and pins
Competition Cams with adjustable sprockets
Competition Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers
34mm swirl polished stainless steeel one piece intake valves (each)
28.5mm swirl polished stainless steel one piece exhaust valve (each)
Competition Valve Job
Competition Cylinder Head with big valves and gas flowed
HD head gaskets, base gaskets, engine kits
HD Rod bearing special friction coating
HD Main Bearing special friction coating
High volume oil pump
Carrillo Rods
Competition Motor, Stage 1 customer's motor w/stage 1 cams and 12.3 Pistons and D/E internal modifications, 200hp
Competition motor Stage 2 & 3 & Turbo Charging- customer's motor
$3350.00 and up
Billet clutch basket
Steel Billet crankshafts +5 and +7mm
Downs Engineering
19564 Eighth St East
Sonoma, CA 95476
fax 707-935-0481
email: mdowns@downsengineering.com